Village Cricket Shots #3. The Pull Shot

Village Cricket Photos

Played at its best, the village cricket pull shot is one of cricket’s finest sights (but not when sam does it 🙂

Description from the bbc sports academy website.
“It’s an aggressive, cross-batted shot played off the back foot towards the leg side off a short pitched delivery. It’s different to a hook shot because it’s played on or around waist high and is easier to control. Since plenty of fast bowlers like to dish out the short stuff, it’s the best way of telling them who’s in charge on the pitch. The pull is played with extended arms in front of the body and usually hit in front of square. Like most shots in cricket, footwork and anticipation are very important. To pull a fast bowler, you’ll need to be in the correct position in an instant – otherwise you’ll either hurt yourself or needlessly give your wicket away. Also, roll your wrists at the moment of impact to keep the ball on the ground rather than in the air. This will lower your chances of getting caught in the deep if the opposition have set a trap for you.”

Village Cricket Shots #3. The Pull Shot, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

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