The weekend after NatWest CricketForce 2013 weekend…

The weekend after NatWest CricketForce 2013 weekend by Graham Gosden.

As is evident from the five photo-blogs previously posted on this site, we have worked really hard and put in a lot of hours over a number of weekends to replace our cricket pitch. This was a project undertaken by members of Freshwater Cricket Club, long overdue after previous requests for replacement had been ignored by the Middle School when it was the school playing field.  Having finally completed the work, we were looking forward to the new season, with a game due a couple of weeks later, but sadly we never managed as much as a practice session on it.

The final day of the ‘Week Out West’ festival was being held on the sports field.  The weather had been poor in the build up to the event, but vehicles were allowed to drive over the field, churning up the surface.  Worse, an HGV lorry delivering the fun fair got stuck on the grass and the driver was told by one of the organisers to park on our cricket pitch, and was towed on by a tractor.  This has totally ruined the pitch, as it resulted in the mat bulging up, the surface being covered in various tyre treads and the wheels shifting the aggregate underneath.  Everything that we have done must be redone.  All of us are completely devastated and expect those responsible to make the repairs; we are hopeful that this will be completed as soon as possible.

Our first home games of this season are Tuesday 23rd April and Thursday 25th April, followed by Saturday 27th April 2013. Check the Twitter feed for updates with regard to cancellation / change of venue.

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