Freshwater cricketer shows India how to play the cut shot

Freshwater cricketer James Osman might have been disappointed to miss out on selection for the forthcoming cricket World Cup on the sub-continent, but he will still be seen by millions of Indian cricket fans demonstrating his (in)famous square cut.

Because one of the photos taken by fellow cricketer and teammate Jason Swain before the game away at Porchfield back in June 2010, has been licensed via getty to Olive telecommunications in India, for a billboard and magazine ad campaign selling their new ‘olive pad’ product, which apparently is a 3.5G Android 2.2 pad  (basically india’s competitor to the ipad). Quite funny for all of us who know James to think that the likes of Tendulkar will be seeing our leading agricultural batsman perform his one-legged technique.

Apparently the shot has also recently been used in a newpaper / magazine editorial in Australia, so if anyone sees that (kellan?) a copy or photo would be really appreciated.

You can see more cricket photos starring james and the rest of the Freshwater CC team in the lifestyle gallery on my website

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