Freshwater Cricket Club 2010 Annual Report

Thanks to the Vine Inn for their continued financial support of the Cricket Club.  Their money pays for the clubs’ insurance.  Mrs Osman continued with her support of the club, and has given members a 10% discount at Warren Farm Tea Rooms.  John from Wight Outdoor has continued his support of the club.  Roger Dorrington, must also get a mention for his contribution towards the cost of our cricket balls this year, and that he will be doing so again next year.

Progress has been very slow in our aim to get a new artificial pitch laid.  I still have had no replies from the school, but found more success going to the Parish Council.  There were plans to demolish the current West Wight School and build a new primary school on the part of the field where the cricket pitch is.  The Councillor suggested that we do not spend any money on a new pitch as they believe the building work is going ahead.  I was given the name of someone in the council and wrote to them.  They replied asking what we would be able to offer in terms of contributions to a new pitch.  I have heard nothing back, and with the current economic situation I doubt they will be looking to spend any money.

There was some very good news about the roll out net.  Having not received a single reply to my letters, I took matters into my own hands and during the summer holidays spoke to the caretaker Bob.  I asked about the nets and he knew nothing about them.  We had a look around a few of the storage places and eventually found it.  Having never been used it was a relief to find that they still had them.  Bob said that he would ask the head teacher about the nets and whether we could have them.  Two days later I received a phone call saying that we could have them free of charge.  So I went straight round there and took it away and stored it up the yard.  They had managed to loose one of the wheels, one of the sections of bar, and all of the connecting nuts and bolts.  This was easy enough to fix, wheel and bolts supplied by me and the 2”x2” box section from Barry Osman, and by the summer we had our own roll out net.  I believe it has already made a great improvement to some of our players as it is now possible to have a really beneficial practise even if there are only three people there.  The net was used every week and I think we owe Bob a big thank you for helping us get our hands on them.

As for attracting new players, we still need to be doing more.  The young lads that were playing last year have shown no interest in playing again.  It is hard to understand why not.  When they did play they were given every encouragement and always had a bowl and a bat if they wanted to.  I think that there is little else we can do on that side of things to keep them playing.  What we can try and do is have a fixed practise night and once people get accustomed to this then hopefully we may get a few more of the young lads wanting to join in a practise.  We did have one young lad Josh who joined us this year, and he played in nearly every game.  He is currently playing for us in the indoor league this winter.  I think that we do offer young people good access to cricket it is just that we struggle to get them to come along in the first place.  Making the local residents more aware of the cricket club and regular practise sessions would help.  Some sort of involvement with the schools would also be a good way to get young people aware of a cricket club in the village.

Moving to matters on the field, we had a fairly successful season coming runners up in League Division 2, so well done to our new Captain Tom Henderson.  I do believe that most people feel that their own individual performances were well below what they should have been, with one or two exceptions.  Neil Pitman went on a run of nine consecutive scores of fifty and above, and finished the season with 999 runs at an average of 90.82!!  He also picked up the award for most runs scored in Division 2.  Sam Vandecasteele had another good year with the ball picking up the most wickets and the best average awards for Division 2.

One possible reason for the dips in form might be the change in going from tough Division 1 cricket, to the much more varied Division 2.  The quality of opponents was so varied going from playing teams made up of young boys, to playing teams made up of proven division one players.  Perhaps our expectations weighed too heavy and we played some very poor cricket against those teams that we needed to beat.  The games against Whitecroft and Godshill spring to mind.  Whitecroft bowled us out for 127 in 36 overs at home, including a hatrick which wrapped up the innings.  When you are playing at home against a team that you need to beat you have to be able to play as a team and understand the situation that you are in and play accordingly.  If the runs aren’t coming don’t just throw your wicket away, use up every over.  The longer you stay at the crease the easier it gets.  Too many of the middle order and tail came and went in a few balls.

Having scored a low total the only way to win the game is to have everybody fully focused and for the bowlers to hit good lines and lengths enabling the captain to set good fields.  This is a case in point against Godshill.  We wobbled with the batting, 3 for 2 after 3 overs.  Slowly and safely we worked our way up to 81 for 2 from 20 overs, then to 160 for 6 from 32.  Unfortunatley a heavy shower came and we didn’t get to bat again.  Losing out on 8 overs was a big blow as we hadn’t begun to hit out, due to the loss of so many early wickets.  Defending 160 in 32 overs still required them to score at 5 an over, which we would have backed our bowlers to keep them under.   Unfortunately they reached the target in 22 overs scoring at over 7 runs an over.  The bowlers were unable to bowl consistent line and length and were getting hit to all parts of the ground.  This meant that T.Henderson was unable to set good fields.  We have had times where boundary riders have been positioned from deep backward point all round to deep square leg!

Points table for Harwoods Isle of Wight cricket League division II

team played won lost tie bat points bowl points add bat points win points no results total points average points
Whitecroft 8 8 0 0 35 33 4 80 1 152 19.00
Freshwater 9 7 2 0 33 35 8 70 0 146 16.22
Northwood II 9 6 3 0 41 35 3 60 0 139 15.44
Bembridge 8 5 3 0 37 31 1 50 1 119 14.88
Godshill 8 6 2 0 32 27 0 60 1 119 14.88
Newport II 8 3 5 0 26 29 3 20 1 88 11.00
Cowes II 9 3 6 0 31 22 4 30 0 87 9.67
Arreton 8 1 7 0 26 24 0 10 1 60 7.50
Ryde Cavaliers II 9 2 7 0 17 14 0 20 0 51 6.22
Shanklin II 8 1 7 0 23 12 0 10 1 45 5.63

Points table for Harwoods Isle of Wight cricket League division II A

team played won lost tie bat points bowl points add bat points win points no results total points average points
Whitecroft 12 11 1 0 51 49 7 110 1 217 18.08
Freshwater 13 10 3 0 48 51 11 100 0 210 16.15
Godshill 11 8 3 0 44 33 1 80 2 158 14.36
Bembridge 11 6 5 0 50 39 1 60 2 150 13.64
Northwood II 13 6 7 0 47 38 3 60 0 148 11.38

Thanks to Richard Routledge for captaining the midweek side, where things went ok apart from the odd game where we took a pasting, usually against Newport Vics. Also the turn out for the Mr T memorial match was not good. Only 9 players were available. This is not the first time that this has happened, and I would ask people to make an extra effort to be available for this fixture in the future. Of those that did make it only D.Randall had a game to remember posting his 2nd fifty for the club, three run outs did nothing to help and we reached 121 from our twenty overs. Wootton easily reached the total from 16 overs with 8 wickets remaining.

Thanks must also go to Simon Harrison who stood in all league and cup games this year and was quite often the only official on the field.

Captain’s performances:

League and Cup matches      P            W        L         D         T          A

T.Henderson                           11          8          3

G.Gosden                               1            0          1

R.Routledge                           1            0          1

J.Swain                                   1            1

Weekend Friendly

T.Henderson                           5            1          3          1

J.Osman                                  1            1

J.Swain                                   1            1

Midweek friendly

R.Routledge                           12          5          7

G.Gosden                               2            1          1

T.Henderson                           2            1          1

J.Osman                                  1            0          1

J.Swain                                   1            1

S.Vandecasteele                     1            1


T.Henderson equals catching record with four catches in a match Vs Health Associates home (MW)

M.Lofthouse first 5wkt haul 5-18 Vs Cowes away (L)

6th wicket record partnership of 127 runs between G.Gosden (67) and T.Henderson (54*) V Island Bakeries away (F)

G.Gosden (266466) and N.Pitman (666.66) set new record of 30 runs scored from one over.

M.Lofthouse maiden century 104 against Bemb home (L)

P.Kermode maiden half century 56* against Island Bakeries away (MW)

A club record 34 half centuries and above, beating the previous record of 30 in 2006.

N.Pitman passed 9,000 runs

S.Vandecasteele passed 3,000 runs and 400 matches

M.Harrison passed 200 matches

R.Routledge passed 2,000 runs and 200 wickets

FCC 2010 team photo

FCC 2010 team photo

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