Freshwater Cricket Club New artificial cricket pitch – Part 4

Freshwater Cricket Club’s new artificial cricket pitch – Part 4 (levelling the ground) by Jason Swain.

The story of the laying of the new artificial cricket pitch at Freshwater Cricket Club continues. In this fourth instalment the old pitch has gone and the ground is being prepared for the new mat, with great attention to detail in making sure the ground is firm and perfectly level.  Volunteering their time on yet ANOTHER freezing cold afternoon at Moa place were Graham Gosden (and his dad), Neil Pitman, Sam Vandecastile, James Osman, Mark Harrison, Jason Swain, Steve Priddle and Graham Lees. I took all the photos below, but Graham also took a few and this page might get updated with the rare sight of me doing some actual manual labour too!

Photo Gallery – The making of the new artificial cricket pitch


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Update!! a couple of photos from Gos of me in action with a wheelbarrow, I plan to occupy that crease for long periods of time, so had to get involved in the making of it!

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